Excellent Reception Episode 5 | Beats For Dilla



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On this edition of Excellent Reception, we will celebrate the life of J Dilla as we focus on the genius that can be heard in instrumental hiphop and explore the evolution of beat centric music. Some tracks we’ll talk about are products of the post-Dilla era. Others are from producers, who just like J Dilla, have established there own signature style when it comes to using samples and drum machines to make music.

These songs are featured on this episode:

J Dilla feat. Karriem Riggins & J Rocc – Body Movin’
Sa Ra Creative Partners – Go Ahead
DJ Mitsu the Beats feat. DJ Kentaro – Cannon Baller
Shawn J Period – Journey’s Process
Stro Elliot – Fight 2.0
Hudson Mohawke – Rising 5
Nujabes & Fat Jon – Aurarian Dance
Ras G – Star Messengers
Tall Black Guy – Leave Us To Say Goodnight
Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood Ferguson – Find A Way

Background beats by: J Dilla

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