Mo Kolours – “A Soul’s Journey”


[From Excellent Reception : Episode 2]
By lil’dave

Joseph Deenmamode is a Mauritian-English producer, singer, and percussionist who goes by the stage name, Mo Kolours. The music he makes is an eccentric melting pot of lo-fi field recordings, dusty samples, dubby breaks, and freestyled chants. Each track maintains a minimalist simplicity but yet it feels heavily textured with sound. There are always elements of the traditional Mauritian Sega music that he was raised on, but Mo Kolours’ songs shuffle and swing with an undeniable hiphop swagger.

Watching him perform live really helps give you a glimpse into his creative process. His setup is simply a microphone, a drum machine, a looping device, and a few percussion instruments. With a little bit of humming, some beatboxing, a couple of taps on the bass drum, and the shake of a tambourine, Mo Kolours suddenly has a wicked tune that instantly makes you want to nod your head and tap your feet. This method is organic and instantly gratifying. It’s no wonder he is so prolific when it comes to putting out music. He already has a bunch of singles, countless EPs, and his two full length albums are both over 15 tracks deep.

His current album, “Textures Like Sun”, gets it’s name and title track from the classic tune “Golden Brown” by The Strangers. This album is much more sample heavy and lyric driven than his previous work. There is an overhanging earthly tone to the project and it carries a theme revolving around the cyclical nature of life.

My favorite track is the deeply introspective “A Soul’s Journey”. Mo Kolours carries the same type of soul baring honesty in his voice that I once heard on Mos Def’s classic “Travelin’ Man”. The lyrics bring up thoughts of finding one’s self and journeying back to your roots. The instrumentation, with it’s swelling organs and plucky guitars, provides the proper background for Mo Kolours to put his emotions on display.

This is an excerpt from the Excellent Reception podcast.  Each episode our host, lil’dave, talks about the stories and influences around a group of carefully selected songs.  Subscribe to the podcast now via iTunes.



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