Excellent Reception | Jazzanova – L.O.V.E. and You & I



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For today’s show, we are going to talk about the ground breaking nu-jazz/future soul production crew known as Jazzanova.  Mainly we are going to focus on one of their most well constructed songs “L.O.V.E and You & I”, which took sampling to a whole new level.

On this episode, we are talking about these songs

Shaun Escoffery – “Let It Go”
Shaun Escoffery – “Let It Go (Jazzanova remix)”
Jazzanova – “L.O.V.E. and You and I”
Jazzanova – “L.O.V.E. and You and I (Madlib remix)”
Jazzanova – “L.O.V.E. and You and I (DJ Ghe remix)”
Sonar Kollectiv Orchester – “L.O.V.E. and You and I”

Find more info about Jazzanova at https://www.jazzanova.com/
All of their releases can be found here: https://jazzanova.bandcamp.com/
There latest album “The Pool” is available now and contains a new version of “L.O.V.E. and You and I”

Jazzanova’s debut album “In Between”.






















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