Mura Masa – “Lovesick ***k”


[From Excellent Reception : Episode 1]
By lil’dave

Producer and multi-instrumentalist, Mura Masa, has been making a lot of noise on the underground over the past two years. Hailing from the same beat centered music scene that has championed artists like Kaytranada, Sango, and Cashmere Cat, the 19 year old producer is well on his way to helping shape the future of music. His style is a unique mixture of hiphop, R&B, and some of the more innovative elements of the current EDM sound. His most recent EP “Someday Somewhere” really shows off his full range of capabilities.

One of my favorite Mura Masa tracks is a song called “Lovesick ***k”. As a hiphop head, the first thing that caught my attention about this track was the insanely funky drum break that is used as a foundation for this song. As the song builds, you are hit with all sorts of musical bits and pieces that somehow work perfectly together even, though they are out of place. Steel drums, synthesizers, clarinet loops, and R&B vocal samples all come together to provide perfect melodic scenery.


This is an excerpt from the Excellent Reception podcast.  Each episode our host, lil’dave, talks about the stories and influences around a group of carefully selected songs.  Subscribe to the podcast now via iTunes.


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