Dirg Gerner “Vicious Cycle”

pmc090_cover_1200px-715x715Written by lil’dave
(This article originally appeared on Okayfuture.com in 2013)

The illustrious Dirg Gerner, aka the vocal alter ego of forward-thinking producer fLako, just posted a snippet for a new song called “Vicious Cycle” from his forthcoming self-titled EP. “Vicious Cycle,” which recently premiered on Benji B‘s Deviation radio show (BBC Radio 1), sounds like it picks right up on the deep melodious sensations that we felt from his previous efforts on the Preface EP. Dirg’s syrup-y vocals almost melt into the background music, which is a sparsely-textured collection of phased vocoder harmonies, dollops of lush synthesizer tones, and a hypnotic kalimba melody.

It would be lazy for me to compare Dirg’s style to someone like James Blake, because the sound he has created for himself is something truly unique. “Vicious Cycle” and six other future classics will be dropping very soon on Alexander Nut and Floating Point‘s Eglo Records label.

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